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In the manner of using "boolits" to describe the difference between a cast and jacketed, it isn't acceptable at this time. Don't be confused in thinking it isn't allowed to use as reference of the known site This is the name they go by and it's different in context.

This discussion has been hashed over and discussed with some staff members along with me being one of them. I will not disclose the yay and nay sayers because it's inmaterial. There are some slang terms used in other discussion forums. I won't deny that. However, in order to preserve Rich Lucibella's vision of the board by holding fellow members and especially Staff to a higher standard compared to other sites, we stick to the rules as stated. It's interpreted as mangling of the English language to be cute by some and in order to provide a more professional appearance we don't allow it. Now, if the term makes it into Merriam Webster's dictionary as the proper word to use as proclaimed, I will personally bring the issue up for discussion to fellow Staff members and reconsider it to be used.

The intent of not recognizing the term as spelled does not reflect TFL's opinion of other sites allowing it. In other words, we do not look down on other sites. It has nothing to do with making us look good while making other sites look like trash. It has everthing to do with taking pride in ourselves to be as professional as we can reasonably be without taking all the fun out of it.

Originally Posted by freakshow10mm
If the mods get pissy about the use of "boolit" they can get a life.
If this is really how you feel even after my explanation, freakshow, then I think it would be best if you quietly move on. I have no life. I have nothing else better to do except moderate this, Gen Disc, and the Gun Show forums for all my live-long days. I eat, drink, sweat and sleep TFL. My sole reason for existence is TFL. All of my friends have handles. This is my forum. There are others like it, but this one is mine...

R. Lee Ermy would be proud...
If it were up to me, the word "got" would be deleted from the English language.

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