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The only time a witness should be allowed anywhere near a deer (or fish) is after it has been cleaned and process and placed in the freezer.
A-dern-men!!!! You would be surprised how bad folks miscalculate the weight of a dog caught hog and post the pic on a hoggin' forum only to be told by the vets they are off by 50% or more One example was a hog guessed to be 250 but wasn't over 100#... But I give leeway cuz you are one tired pup after trudging thru the woods half the night, then you have to wrassle a mad hog and several gung ho dogs only to tie it up and drag or tote it to the truck... with all them dogs now leashed up and tangling in the brush and briars... Any hog feels like a 400# slob boar!
I always figure we drug the hunert pounds of hair off as we made way to the truck...
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