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They really are boolits! Some folks have no sense of humor or realization of new modern common usages of terms for differentiating technologies.

Texting anyone?

There's lots of new terms around. Some are stupid and some serve a purpose and become acceptable through common usage. Aint is in the dictionary now.

I don't want to lead TFL down the dark road of Mordor into destruction and misuse of the ring, so if it must be then let's either set some standards or lighten up a little. If I can't say boolit no more to differentiate between my lead bullets that I cast, and the bullets that are jacketed that I swage...() then I don't want you fellers saying you cast from a mold (we all know mold grows in humidity and is an irritent to the lungs) spell it mould like it should be!

And what's with you potatoe fellers anyway? Are you trying to give us potato eaters a bad rap too. Think we need government regulation, or to just maybe lighten up a little, geez?
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