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Snuffy, I am not sure that "boolits" is mangling or butchering the language, but out of respect for the site management, I will try to refrain from using that term and defer to the use of "bullets". Many "newer" words are created by special interest groups each year. I believe that since "boolits" refers specifically to cast projectiles, there could be a real argument that it is a legitimate new word in the language. One could also argue that the term "bullets" at one point was in the exact same situation as "boolits" is today as a subset of the general term of "projectile". Other similarities would be like "Pickup is to Truck" or "Truck is to Automobile". Maybe we need to have a chat (oops, Conversation) with Webster's and get the dictionary updated to more modern times.

I apologize if this post sounds at all argumentative or sarcastic. It is not meant to. I just think it would be a shame to prohibit or even limit the use of such a term now. I have probably seen the term "boolit" on at least a half-dozen other sites used by hundreds of different people.

Moderators- what say you? May we, out of respect to others that have contributed, and continue to contribute, so much to the shooting activites, embrace and use the term "boolit" and it's plural "boolits" on this site?
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