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Take a look at the rules that govern this forum. Especially rule # 4;

4) Mangling of the English language whether thru ignorance, age, sloth or intent diminishes and embarrasses each of us. Posts which are indecipherable due to inability to translate thoughts into coherent written statements will be deleted without explanation. Recidivists will be removed.
This was pointed out to me by a moderator. Since then I have refrained from using the slang term "boolits".

I do that over on cast boolits forum, sort of as a tribute to the owner of that site. It sort of transferred over here as a way to honor his contribution to cast bullet shooting.

You might want to consider the vast amount of $$$ it costs to run a forum like this. The owners don't want us to use slang words here, period. We don't have to put up with pop-up-adds on this site either.

Also, some here remember when TFL was gone for several years. It was resurrected complete with old posts, like it was never gone.
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They're going to get their butts kicked over there this election. How come people can't spell and use words correctly?
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