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old FP-10

Hey guys!
Thank you all very much for the kind words on the "Weapon Shield". Just to clarify a point that "SEED" responded to in my stead (thank you, sir )...FP-10 was my invention, indeed and was an outstanding product when I was with my old company that I started, MPC, prior to 2004, but since then have had nothing to do with them, FP-10, or Shooters Choice FP-10 (which was an extended marketing effort at the time).
Over the last 4 years, I have intermittently bought several bottles of FP-10 to test/analyze due to the fact that many people have complained to me about the FP-10 having issues since I left MPC. Some of them involve 1) very light or varying viscosities, 2) inadequate corrosion protection, 3) inadequate wear protection or lubricity, and a few other minor complaints. Included in the batch of FP-10 bottles that I acquired were a few that people sent me from the field along with the complaints. What I found out was what I had expected...a seemingly lack of consistency or "quality control" as the industry would define it.
During the years that I was with MPC, the very company that I and my father founded, I ran strict oversight and control over every batch/lot of FP-10, as well as ALL of my products that were manufactured there, providing strict FTIR (Fourier Transmission Infra Red) analysis for each and every one. Nothing got out to the marketplace unless it met the rigid quality standards that I defined and of which most of you who have used FP-10, are used to. However, these products that I tested were all over the place when it came to consistency and continuity.
There are several things you get when you use Weapon Shield in place of FP-10; 1) my strict consistency, continuity, and quality control, 2) a markedly improved product in all three categories of lubrication, corrosion protection, and solvent-free cleaning, and 3) peace of mind, knowing that if you have a complaint or problem, it will be handled personally by me or a VERY competent member of our team who will bend over backwards to make our service and your experience with us just like my product...#1 in the world. This I promise you and guarantee. In all the years running, I think I have established this reputation with the industry and you folks, especially. For that, and your continued support, I thank you all from the heart. You guys (and gals) all rock!
Best regards as always,
George C. Fennell
Steel Shield Technologies, Inc.
President-Technical Division
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