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It's a hunting problem.... I've never talked to a hunter that hasn't killed 200+ pound bucks, 150-200 pound does, 25 pound turkeys.... fisherman with 10+ pound Bass, 5 foot Pike.... you name it....

Part of the problem is that the estimates in their head are based on the "facts" about a deer that was shot by Joe Redneck who said "Dang Johnny! This here id da biggest doe I ever saw! She's a hun-dird and fidtee.... easy"..... so, the guy shoots a doe the next day or next year and says "Well, I'llllllll be! This here doe is biggern that one Joe Redneck shot, DANG! his was over one-fiddy, dis here deer mus' be 175!"

Truth is, Joe Rednecks deer was 100 pounds.... and the new one is 125....

All that said, here in central NY we do have pretty big deer. Actually measured weights from around the Ithaca area show that a 130+ pound doe is not unusual and the bucks can be anywhere over 150, maybe pushing 200 for a REAL bruiser. (this is from the weigh station records that I saw... I'll have to ask the dude in charge to see where the averages came out)
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