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That's a 200 lb. doe....not!

Have you ever noticed that hunter's pack the pounds on their kills?

Here in Michigan, or Saskatchewan South (as I will call it for this thread), we like our whitetail hunting. We talk about it, brag about it, and lie about it. I always here about the "cow" doe that someone just couldn't let walk another day in the woods or the darn near 300 lb. buck.

I will admit that before I integrated a scale in my hanging system, I too over estimated the hanging weight of deer that I had taken. I was usually about twenty pounds heavy from actual. I did better than most. The average hanging weight of a doe here is about 105 lbs. The average "eyeballed" weight is 150 lbs.

Just wondering if this is a Michigan problem, a whitetail only problem, or does this happen in your neck of the woods too? And if so, what other animals and do you have a funny story too?
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