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Draw and fire target exercises

One drill which has long since proven to be a very good one is what was at the time called, shooting the numbers, or as an example, 3 std targets, 3m away, 3 feet apart, 3 rounds into each, timed with your basic electronic pocket shot / match timer, starting cocked and locked with your favourite gun in it's holster to whatever time taken to your last shot,

To be serious penalties do apply, so only shots in 10 to 5 rings score, outside that is considered a miss and with + 1sec per miss it can be problematic when it's easy possible to do this drill in well under 5 seconds total with any type of handgun, including revolver.

Why bother, well many look at shooting all kinds of stuff to make it both practice and also fun, this drill with a simple change to the number makes it somewhat harder to downright diabolical, 4 targets, 4m away, 4 feet apart and 4 rounds per, reload and repeat, etc etc making it virtual match competition, but great practice when on your own.

My personal best (at the 3's) was 2.26 seconds with a comp'd 9mm so it ain't really hard, remembering you have to also hit the paper with half decent scores.
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