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Just curious. Why would you insist on violating the 4th amendment? What reasonable articulable suspicion is there for ASSUMING that a gun MAY be stolen just because it is in the legal possession of a person not prohibited from possessing it? I find it outrageous that a police agency would have a policy like that. Without RAS that the gun is illegal it is also illegal to check it.
I was stopped for speeding by a county deputy. I informed the deputy that I had a CCW, that I was armed and where the firearm was located. The deputy and his partner removed me from my car, removed the handgun, searched me for other weapons (where they removed two knives). They unloaded my handgun and ran the serial number against their list of stolen firearms. After everything checked out, they wrote me a ticket, handed back all of my weapons and let me go.

Since that time, I do not volunteer to LEOs that I am armed.
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