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Here is the link and there instructions for cleaning

Normal cleaning methods will work for our bullets, but sometimes the coating will stay in the barrel. If you cannot remove the coating with traditional cleaners—Shooter’s Choice, Breakfree, etc.—see methods below.
Stainless steel barrels only
50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in a jar
Make a hook out of a paper clip
Remove barrel and lower into mixture with paper clip hook
Soak for 20 minutes
Remove barrel and wipe off excess with paper towel
1 pass with a bore brush
1 pass with a tight patch
Flush out under sink with water
Dry off, patch out, and oil
Carbon steel barrels
Take a “Chore Boy” stainless steel scrubbing pad
Cut off a spiral portion from the pad
Wrap around brass cleaning brush
Apply Breakfree CLP—5 or 6 passes through the bore
Patch out with favorite cleaner
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