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Not a lawyer here, but was a police officer in Pinellas County from 1978 to 2007 when I retuired and moved to the cabin in the woods, and I have never understood where all this crap about two moves came from. It was NEVER a statute.

Read what the law says, and go by that and you will be fine. "or" means or, and "and" means and, and they are not the same. The box or closure be it a console or glove box is the securely encased. That is why the statute says it is and specifies "with the door closed, whether or not locked" when talking about the glove box. It is is snapped into a holster, that means "snapped into a holster" and DOES NOT mean in a holster with a velcro strap, as that is not a snap. Zipped into a zipper case means just that, and in fact I had one case were the gun was in a zipper case under the seat of the car, but the zipper was not fully closed, so was therefore not "zipped into a zipper case" but was just "in" the zipper case and a quick call to the on call State Attorney got the answer of "arrest him" when we called and asked.

If you read the law, and do what it says, you will be fine, unlesss you get some 23 year old deputy that was raised anti-gun in New York (and there are quite a few of them) who is going to arrest you anyway. In that case, you are going to take the ride and there is nothing you can do about it. But you will win in the end. My advise is that if you are carrying a gun in your car, (as I always do) you stay sober, obey all the laws to the best of your ability, avoid trouble (not go looking for it as many do), be polite and cooperative if you come in contact with the police, and tell them you have the gun if you have to go into the area where it is stored for other reasons. (like to get your insurance card). If you carry a gun in your glove box (legal in FL, loaded or not) then you may want to put your insurance and registration in a holder on the visor or someplace else so you do not have to open the glove box to get it. It that so difficult? A little preparation goes a long way.

And if you have to announce the presence of the gun, expect to have it unloaded, run in the computer to make sure it is not stolen, and returned to you empty. Any officer would be in hot water with his supervisor if he does not run any gun he comes in contact with in the computer, and does not run every person he comes in contact with in the computer. you may not like it, but that is the officer's job, and you better get used to it. Pay your tickets and renew your license and tags and you will have no problems.

Sorry to rant, but you all seem like nice folks, and I am still living here in Florida and want this state to stay a nice place to live. This is how it works here, and if that is bad for you, stay out of Florida. We have guns here. It is no big deal to MOST officers.

PS: "not looking for trouble" includes staying out of what we call "knife and gun clubs" which are little neighborhood bars and pool halls. When you see "Mascotte Bar", "Whiskey Bar", "Lighthouse Bar", "All Bikers Welcome" or anything like that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, GO ON BY................. Unless these are YOUR neighbors in YOUR neighborhood.
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