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ionic lead???┬┐

Yeah what the H is ionic lead┬┐ Metallic lead cannot be absorbed through the skin. Lead salts have a better chance, but I've never heard of ionic lead.

As for smoking molds, I too am not a fan of doing that. But if you must, don't use anything that burns any wax, like a match,(they're coated with wax to make them burn longer). Candles the same thing, they can deposit oils on/in the mold cavities. A butane lighter is best, if you insist.

Same goes for mold release agents. They can and will plug up the vent lines in the face of the mold blocks. Also they will reduce the overall diameter of the bullet produced. It can't help it, anything that takes up room in the cavity will result in smaller bullets. So, if you're happy with the size you're getting, be aware the bullets will be smaller after you coat the cavities with ANYTHING!
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