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Originally Posted by Hardcase
We have a pair of Winchester 1897s in 12ga with 30" full choke barrels. Are they appropriate?...If we can make a go of it with the 97s, that would make me happy.
My own opinion is that you certainly could start with the '97s, with three caveats.

[1] How do they fit you and your wife? Have you shot, and hit, flying targets with them? Gun fit is pretty important in wingshooting. You focus on the target, and if the gun doesn't "shoot where you are looking" you can have a very tough and frustrating time of it.

[2] Because of the variety of target presentations, full choke is not the best choice. You'll have some fairly long "going away" shots for which it would be fine. But you'll also have some close in, crossing fast movers for which it would be a lot less fine.

[3] Even the last '97s made are pretty old guns now, and the clay target games tend to involve fairly high volume shooting. So your guns will get a good work out. If they're in good shape, they should be fine, but you might want to have a few spare parts around just in case.

Bottom line is that your '97s aren't the best choice, but they would probably serve just fine to let you see how you like the game. They'd get you started. But please be advised that if you get the bug you will probably soon be shopping for a couple of new guns. At least it's been my experience introducing a bunch or people to trap shooting, that no matter what kind of gun they start with, once they get the bug, they're off gun shopping.
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