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As with everything in life, there are trade offs. Lee Tumble lube bullets. Lube faster than the standard. Lyman, RCBS, or other lube sized bullets. Some will even say it is a better lube job. I have done both. But now only use a Lyman 450 lube / sizer . The idea of 50 / 50 Alox with mineral spirits works well. But just the nature of the Tumble lube bullets make them messy . thus the trade off. I don’t think I would use brake fluid to clean brass.. Just like reloading there are many aspects to bullet casting. Lyman as well as RCBS. Both put out great manuals on bullet casting. If you read the instructions that come with the Lee molds. It states ( May not need to be sized.) there are many factors as to why a bullet needs to be sized. Alloy use to cast. Barrel Dia,. Just because your gun is a 357. Dose not mean a .358 bullet is right for it. Anyone getting into casting just like anyone starting out in reloading. Get the manuals read and understand them before you start.
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