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I think it depends on the type of ammo you have there. The type and year of manufacture will determine if it's shooting ammo or collecting ammo. Lake City (LC) marked ammo is among the best. LC marked ammo from the 50's to '72 is good for shooting and reloading. If it's WW2 dated Winchester or other, it would be more for collectors and will get a higher price.

Lots of companies currently manufacture .30 carbine ammo today, from Remington, UMC, Georgia arms, etc. Commercial carbine ammo is running about 50 cents a round right now. You probably could get more for the cans and bando than that, but I'm thinking that the ammo market has found it's ceiling and people aren't going to be willing to pay much more in a bad economy.

Let's see some pics of the cans and take a look at the headstamps on the ammo. That'll help.
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