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After about 500 rounds I decided to disassemble mine and see what all the fuss was about (regular Mark III target bull barrel), afterall, I saw a handful of videos on youTube where guys were tearing them down and putting them back together in minutes, with ease.. well I found that likewise, my copy has an unbelievably tight fit. Both the bolt retention pin (took a wooden dowel blow to get it out) and the upper receiver/engagement lug. I mean, it's absurdly tight. I pounded the rear of the upper with a 2' length of 2x4 while holding the frame as I don't have a non-marring hammer. Did the same to get it back on. Getting the retention pin back up through the receiver and bolt was another chore that took at least 30 minutes.. although getting the hammer/pin in position wasn't bad.

So, that's one. Haha.. maybe another 40 and it'll loosen up? I actually went through about 10 iterations of pounding the upper on, then banging it off, then pounding it back on.. thinking it might get a little better. Never did. Maybe it went from 4 strong blows to 3.

*looking back, I'm never taking the barrel/receiver off again, there's no reason unless something breaks. You can thoroughly clean everything by just pulling the MSH and bolt and blasting it with gun scrubber. Lightly spray a little rem oil in there and yer done.

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