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Your right Marley09

The faster 1 in 10 twist would require to slow the velocity down when selecting a bullet that is optimum for a 1 in 12 twist.

It was the same problem I faced with the 7mm-08 caliber with a 1 in 10 twist when selecting the lighter weight bullets that were optimum for a 1 in 16 twist.

Unclenick has something interesting to read and I can already tell it has to do with bullet expansion within the barrel using certain velocities.

If you have a whole slew of reloading books passed down through generations of family reloaders like I do you can tell most all of them use different length test barrels to obtain their data for the book in all of the different calibers.

A person not thinking about this can and probably would pick up a reloading manual and start using the data taken from a 24 inch test barrel with a 1 in 12 twist to load for a 22 inch barrel with a 1 in 10 twist.

Almost my problem with the 7mm-08 except the test barrel in the book was a 24 inch with a 1 in 9 ½ twist and mine was a 22 inch barrel with a 1 in 10 twist.

I heard a simple solution from my granddad a long time ago.

Shoot the smaller bullets at the slower velocities and the bigger bullets at the faster velocities.

It is true but I just wanted to know exactly why that was true so it involved a whole slew of experimentation and a bunch of math books along the way but if my granddad was alive today to see how accurate that 7mm-08 shoots 100 grain bullet all the way up to 175 grain bullets through the bull’s-eye at 100 yards I already know what he would say, WOW that’s some good shooting there”.

In any case it is better for me to know exactly where that bullet is going to hit out at 100 yards and to know I have the data for all of my calibers set up to work perfectly at that range which allows me to calculate the ballistics and energy out to farther ranges and know exactly where they will hit there.

It is nice to know I can pull out the guns take them to the range or hunting knowing that every round I use is super accurate and will do the job it was manufactured by me to do.

In the end the math pays off when the bullet goes through the bulls-eye or takes down the game I’m shooting at every time.

What really made it start paying off is years of experience shooting asking at least 10,000 questions about reloading from experienced people experienced in doing it and reading tons of books about the subject then using all the math I could find to get the knowledge of exactly how it is suppose to work.

Reloading is a science with a lot of mathematics used to obtain the data you find in those reloading books.

Some skip all the science and math and trek out on a keep shooting until you find the right loads then just stick to that one size bullet that seems to work the best in their twist rate.

I wanted to have all bullet weights work accurately in the same caliber and twist rate and used science and math to figure out how.

Kind of in the way some people will get directions to a place they are driving to then end up in that area confused about how they said turn left but there is no left turn right here I’ll have to call him again and get better directions.

I get the address and look it up on a map before I go and drive right to that location with no problems finding it at all.

My reloading is done in the same way with having all of the information books and tools required to make the science of reloading work perfect every time for all of my guns.

After all if I didn’t have a map book I would be lost just as soon as I drove out of town some place no matter what direction someone had given me.

Same goes for reading those reloading manuals from cover to cover along with finding any other info on reloading I can find and without that I would not have a clue as to how much powder to put in or what size to trim the cases to just in the same way without a map book an address alone would not help me get to that location.
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