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Bud-Self firing was the best thing that can to mind when I wrote the post. If you have a better definition please tell me. That’s not meant sarcastically or as a dig.
Kozak-I understand there is a difference between media buzz words and "mag vs clip". They both still annoy me
Tuttle- I agree with you. I like to think I'm #1 as well.
Clarity is important. Everyone knows that a "clip" is a magazine. But saying "The clip is loaded from the clip" instead of the "The magazine is loaded from the clip" is just confusing. I'm not saying that we need to go around correcting people who call cartridges bullets but terminology needs to be correct or it's useless and we may as well go back to calling things thingamajiggets, doohickeys, and whatjamacallits. And buzzwords used by anti's should NEVER be used.
It is New Zealand's role to send out its bright young men and women to help run the rest of the world. And they go, not hating the country of their birth, but loving it. From this loving base they make their mark on the world.

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