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Here's the new additions to my mold line up, along with 3 that didn't make it to my first post.

The 2 on the left, #1, lee 2 cav. C312-155--2R. It's supposed to cast at .312, and 155 grains. It drops at .309, and 145 grains! This was with linotype that tested at 19 BHN. It's my belief that the lino I was using is a mix of letters, and a few spacers. The spacers are a much softer lead because they don't touch the paper, so they don't have to be as hard. Full power lino should test at 22-23 BHN. Lino usually casts BIGGER AND LIGHTER than what a mold should/would cast at using wheel weights.

#2 is a C430-310-RF. Cast of the same lino as the .308, it casts at .434, which I expected. Like I said, lino always casts big. It should size down okay to .430. I'll load it in my Ruger SBH.

The round ball is a .390. It's meant to be loaded inside a shotshell wad for short range pumpkin loads. The 2 on the far right are lee R.E.A.L., bullets for black powder rifles. The first two are 50 cal, the last two on the right are 45 cal.
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