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Why is it that every time someone posts a rhetorical scenario based upon history people like you paint them as wild eyed heavily armed wackos, with a grenade pin in their teeth, heading out the door to do battle with the government?
Because thats what they sound like.

This forum was created because of the people who got the L&P forum closed forever. Posts like yours were the reason.

Do you have any lucid, thoughtful, respectful contentions to actually counter what I have posted?

Jim enough with the polemics already, this isnt 1944 Generalgouvernement, 1920's Cicero or 1940s Tennesee. The JBTs arent coming, nor the Black helicopters. A bunch of armchair commandoes with personal weapons aint gonna fight off the government, hasnt happened in the past and wont happen in the future. The 2nd Amendment didnt win the War of Independence or the Civil War. We have all sorts of judicial and political remedies. Lets deal with reality here

Put the tricorns away kiddies, personal weapons meant very little in the War of Indepence and mean little as a check on the government now. I'll take my chances with the Courts and keep voting. Give me a ring when Habeas Corpus gets suspended as well as the right to vote.

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