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The original poster appears to be talking about two completely different things.

There is a world of difference between politically loaded buzz words ("assault rifle") and minor semantic quibbles (clip vs magazine).

I don't really think there is much we can do about the usage of "assault rifles" and "sniper rifles" in the news.

Arguing about the minor semantic quibbles doesn't seem terribly productive. Go look at the "Handgun vs pistol thread". Heck, a close friend of mine even gets upset when I use the term "handgun", as he is convinced it is a politically loaded term similar to "assault rifle".

Among my least favorite types of threads are where a "What's a decent clip for [gun x]?" question degrades into "clip vs magazine" ranting for 3 pages and the poor guy never even gets a good answer.

It just seems like a bunch of "wheel vs tire" and "engine vs motor" silliness.

There's differences, sure, but it's almost always clear what is intended, and it's not an excuse to be rude or derail a thread.

Yea...HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE. What's a LOW capacity mag.?
There are often such things as low capacity magazines, but it seems what you are hinting at is the difference between a high capacity magazine and a standard capacity magazine.
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