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Well,I spose,to a point,
and it might matter more if is about what is public communication,and yes,I resent the subtle twists of meaning for the sake of news/propaganda.

But,.sometimes it is more fun among friends to use a different standard.

Some parts of USA a turtle hull is where the spare tire goes,and toad strangler and gully whomper describe certain weather events.

Bench resters talk about hummers.Some folks shoot charcoal.

Better not be loading six in a six shooter.

So long as we are having fun,and understand,its cool by me.I say Long Colt,too

All along the way,folks have either taken the best of civilian tech to the battle,or folks who come home from battle bring back with them the tools that serve well.

It was springfields and mausers making bolt sporters.Seems like some famous buffalo hunter frontiersman had a military trim rifle named Lucretia Borgia

Some folks today accept the black rifle as the riflemans tool,and a perfectly good sporting rifle.
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