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The thing about the term "high capacity magazines" is that in most laws that deal with them, the term is specifically defined for the purposes of the law. So the term "high capacity magazine" has a specific legal meaning in connection with certain laws that deal with them.
I agree with how one get's away from using the term "legally" but I don't agree that it makes it right.

Falcon, your concern comes up for discussion on a relatively regular basis. The conclusion I draw is there's three basic opinions:

1. People that can't stand seeing terms abused and speaks out hoping to garner change for the better in their eyes.

2. People that understand item #1 but think it's a waste of time addressing the issue to fellow 2A advocates and others. Some may believe it's fear of being accused of being a gun snob. Some may believe it isn't worth the energy.

3. People that don't really give a rat's behind since they know one really means "magazine" when they say "clip".

I, for one, fall in door #1 when contributing on this board. It's in my opinion to write with correct terms the best I reasonably can. I make mistakes just like any other. However, I take forum rules #4 pretty seriously when Rich wants his site to have the bar raised higher than anyone else out there. For me to get lazy on my posting content underminds his intent and potentially embarrasses other members.
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