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If you are looking for a shooter maybe the P-1 would be less hassle, especially if they will take it back if it malfunctions. Probably more extra mags, ammo, and parts floating around for the German gun. I have a late 1986 production P-1 that was taken out of the wrap, unfired. I have kept it that way as I have fired plenty of P-1/P-38 guns and I just have not worked up the nerve to break it in, as that will have an affect on value at some point in the future, who knows when. The later guns have the reinforcement in the frame and much better sights than the earlier or refurbed early guns. BUt for 199 you have to really consider it a surplus bargain unless it has issues. I have an EG Mak, most of the other little Eastern bloc pistols just don't appeal to me.
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