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Correct Terminology

Just point made by Double Naught Spy in the is it only here that the media attacks gun owners? thread.
You have two types of automatic. You have auto loading and auto firing. A semi-auto firing pistol is an auto loading pistol. Same for rifles. I carry an automatic pistol everyday. It is a correct descriptor even if many gun folks don't like it because some of the public (including many gun people) confuse the terminology
Why don't people start to use correct terminology and damn the media and movies? We might educate some people and make the anti's look a bit silly for making up terms.
Call a magazine a magazine. NOT a clip.
There's no such thing as a sniper rifle. There are rifles used by military snipers though.
Automatic means (in my opinion) self-loading or self-firing
Semi Auto means self loading and Full Auto means self firing.
Assault Rifle (as defined by the media, anti's and the AWB) should really be Military Style Semi Automatic or something similiar

Any other terms that really annoy you that people use?
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