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So, it sounds like, pure WW are fine for 45 acp and low pressure cowboy (700-800 vol) 45 colt.
dropping them in water won't hurt when it comes to these, but be advised, they will soften up after a while.

I made some more tonight, they turned out good. I have to call the paper company and see if they will sell me some type lead, to add as tin.

I am finding bullets pretty cheap online, but I want to know that I can make them myself, just in case I have to. There is something about being able to do this that makes it fun.....

What is the best way to check for leading? I have lead remover, that I use mostly in my cowboy guns, but also in my 45 acp, after shooting lead bullets, but I have never seen anything that looks (in the barrel) different from copper coated bullets.
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