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I am The Rodentman, late of THR. I am almost 60, have 2 sons ages 29 and 25. I have lived in MN for 30 years after moving here from AZ in 1979.

I bought my first handgun in AZ (Bond's Gun Shop, 24th & Indian School Rd) in 1972, a 6" bbl Smith 28-2. I later bought a Ruger Service Six in 1976. I now have "several" more to say the least.

I started reloading in 1972 but got out of it when I moved to MN. I am back at it full bore now. Far from an expert, but I pay attention to detail and have been successful with my rounds.

I am partial to big bore handguns but have not moved up beyond the .44 mag yet. One reason is the range has some restrictions.

If I ever win the lottery I plan to open several new ranges here. We need them!
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