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Help me cook up some 280 Rem loads

Hello There. Just thought i would share this with you being i did not see it already in other reply's. I have been loading for 41 + years. One of my favorites is the .280 Remington as well as the 7mm-08 caliber. As for the .280 using Remington & Winchester brass usually once fired and better still Neck sized only after fire forming it in your rifle this is what i found to be one outstanding load and Super Accurate. Using Remington Or Winchester brass with a Rem. 9 1/2 LR standard primer. IMR 4350 powder. I seem to remember 57 gr's but most manual's peak at 55.5 grains. Bullet was a Speer 145 Gr. pointed soft point. This load gave me one hole groups @ 100 yards all day long in a Remington 700 ADL which was stamped 7mm Express/.280 caliber. Some years back Remington tried to bring back the .280 by giving it a new fancy name and a little more power by boosting the velocity by 80 fps from it's original factory loading and a rifle to go along with it marked 7mm Express. In any event it wasn't a success and a year or two later they went back to marking the box's .280 Rem as well as the rifle's. I found by pinching the neck just enough to hold a bullet in place i would insert it into the brass just enough to hold the bullet then i would chamber it very carefully and close the bolt to seat it to the LAN's. This was an easy way to establish overall length and then i would extract it very carefully not to disturb the setting and use my calipers to measure it and back off .05 thousandths and set the seating die accordingly to that lenght and it worked fine. I do this with all of my rifles to achive maxium accuracy as well as neck size only fire formed brass. Give it a whirl and let me know how well it works. Good Luck, Rick Sr.
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