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This was a bit above and beyond for both companies

I'd have been happy with a used Model 29 in good condition. I understand from talking to others with corporate experience that this would have exposed Cor-Bon and S&W to a lot of potential liability, though, so I can see why they opted for a new gun.

Since new Model 29's are hard to come by, and they don't currently make a Model 29 Mountain Gun, I had also expressed my willingness to accept a 629 of 4" or 5" flavor.

Instead, in the interest of ensuring I received a new version of the damaged gun, S&W found some parts in inventory, and stood up some old equipment, in order to manufacture a Model 29 Mountain Gun from scratch. Whatever the cost was, Cor-Bon agreed to pay.

I would not have asked either company to go to this level of difficulty. I am impressed and still somewhat surprised that they did.
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