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Good thread, and very glad that you weren't hurt. I am suprised that Smith told you that the gun was repairable. I have been looking at your picture, and I have to believe that the frame was stretched in the area of the barrel shank, where the barrel threads into the frame. It may not have stretched much, but I have to believe that it did a little. At least this is a common part for Smith now that they are making the classice series.

When Cor Bon was located in Detroit, I went down and visited the shop a couple of times. Peter Pi, the owner of Cor Bon, is one heck of a nice guy. I visited with him for a couple hours one day, and he went out of his way to get the bullets that I had gone down there to buy, for me. In fact, he had a very large Nilgai hanging on his wall, and although I had not had any interest in hunting them before visiting him, I did afterwards. I have a nice one on my wall now.
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