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Ruger 10/22 cycling issue

A few months ago, I purchased a brand new Ruger 10/22. The first thing I did was clean the barrel and lightly cleaned the receiver area (without disassembly). I then went to the range and put about 100 rounds through it with only one hiccup which was ammo. I had a few other types of ammo on hand and had zero problems with them. After the range time, I went home and disassembled and cleaned the rifle per owners manual guidlines. I then reassembled and dry fired which checked OK. When I took it to the range the next time is when I learned I had an issue. After almost every shot, the bolt sticks to the rear. I have to drop the magazine, the fiddle with the bolt to go forward, reinsert mag and shoot till it occurs again anywhere from 1-3 rounds latter. Did I over lube something or a slight reassembly error? Any help would be great since it is driving me nuts!!!!!!!
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