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Crows are Protected Under Federal Law

Crows are protected under the Migratory Bird Act of 1918. It is illegal to harm a crow or to destroy and active nest. It is also illegal to have a crow as a pet. Only facilities that possess federal permits to use crows for educational purposes are allowed to keep crows in captivity.

When my college pal Jerry was setting up his crow hunting business he learned of this law and was afraid he might get nailed by the feds.
If you looked at that link above, you will see that Jerry and his clients kill thousands of crows annually.
As I recall, he gets away with it on the crop depredation waiver. They usually shoot in pecan orchards, and crows really do hammer the pecans down there in central Georgia.

Y'all are squeamish at the thought of eating crow.
Have you ever eaten catfish? Have you ever eaten shrimp?
Bottom feeders. Have you ever thought of the kind of crap that these animals eat?
Everybody likes wild hog, have you thought of the kind of crap a hog will eat?
Hogs will eat an entire crow, beak, feathers, and claws.

Sure a crow will eat some carrion, but they prefer good food such as pecans, corn, etc.

Get rational, boys, and try cooking up a few crow breasts, they are good!
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