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More first bullet problems!

I was wondering if you could tell me what im doing wrong.

I'm using lead sheets although i have WW's (i haven't used them because im not sure whether they are alloy or not--i have all different shapes and sizes!)

Using a Lee 20lb bottom pour melter (this is my only melting pot)

I will post pictures if you have any questions about what certain things look like.

I use clear wax-type parafin to flux.

I use a Lee 6-cavity mold (it's what i got) for 230gr RN tumble-lube bullets.

The bullets come out cracked-looking. The top of the melt is iridescently-colored (picture below). I emptied out the melting pot today to clean the inside--there is a hard, powdery, yellow buildup all over the inside of the pot.

I used to sit the molds on top of the pot to heat them up, but since i read another forum post saying to submerge them i now do this.

FUNNY STORY: the first time i ever fluxed, i didnt know that flames could come out of the top of the melting pot, in a sort of chicken-with-his-head-cut-off fashion, i started freaking out and unfortunately my molds were caught in the flames. one of the mold cavities (as does a large portion of the outside of the mold body) now has some dark brown buildup that a toothbrush, brake cleaner spray, soap and water, and carburator cleaning spray have failed to take off. This cavity gives me bullets with a sort of droplet-looking effect on them. I'm having a helluva time getting this stuff off.

Here are pictures of bullets (different angles), top of the melt, and the melter i am using.
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