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It's funny that you guys mention that, because that's exactly the conclusion I came to. :-)

Went out yesterday and shot a bunch through it, then decided to clean 'er up. Amazingly, the MSH pin came right out. Cleaned everything through the rear, without removing the receiver. Then, was able to push the pin right back in.

The only remaining hurdle is remembering the steps to get the MSH back in (that business with moving the trigger, then moving it again, then making sure that the spring is in the right place, isn't all that intuitive to me).

Anyway, went out and shot it again today, and decided to see if my luck would hold. It did. So, the pin is, officially, user-serviceable without a mallet... Except for giving me better access to the hammer assembly -- which seems largely reachable with a toothbrush and some compressed air -- leaving the receiver on seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

And FWIW, I'm a happy camper, because the gun is awesome. My wife is a new shooter and was hitting 3" groups with it at 7 yards (this was, I think, her fourth time ever holding a gun).

The one other thing that seems to be plaguing me now is a series of FTFs today. One mag in particular wasn't lifting the head of the round enough to get it onto the feed ramp. You could slide the mag in, pull back the bolt and see the round sitting there, flat -- and know that it wasn't going to feed. The other mag worked mostly perfectly. Wondering if Xavier's magazine tweak:

will help this. Seems related, yet not quite.

Anybody had this problem?

[Just realized I hijacked my own thread...]
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