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This is harder than I thought. Here's my sorry attempt to take pics of my boolits!

Now the last TWO will take some sub-notes to tell what's what. I think that's the way it should be done.
1. .223 55 grain gas checked round-flat nose. Lyman mold
2. .223 60 grain gas checked round nose. Lyman mold.
3. .308,Actually .311, 100 grain round nose. Lee 2 cav mold, for 30 luger, .762 tokorav.
4. 9mm .355 124 TC TL. I use it in my 357 sig. Lee mold, mines a 6 cav.
5. .401 175 TC I use it in my 40 S&W Lee mold, 6 cav.
6. .452 200 RF I use it in my 45 auto, mine are shot as cast, I also size/lube them in my 450 lubrisizer. Lee mold 6 cav.
7. .452 228 1 radius RN. I shot a few, they weren't especially accurate, AND it's a 2 cav lee mold, takes forever to get a few boolits.
8. .452 225 RN. The traditional lyman hard ball copy, mines a 4 cav. Shoots real good in mt SA 1911.
9. .458 340 RF Lee 2 cav. great plinker for 45-70's.
10. .500 440 RF. I don't have a 500, but I got this mold for 12 guage shotgun sabots. Lee 2 cav.
11. .510, this is the above boolit with a reamer run into the mold to eliminate the grease grooves, and enlarge it to .510 for the sabots. It's cast out of 20-1 lead-tin so it might expand a bit.
12. .308 175 RF. I got this for my .308 savage. It shot okay, haven't spent much time on it. Lee single cav.
13. .323 170 RN. This is for my 8mm turkish mauser. Shoots okay for plinking. Lee single cav.
14. .284 160 grain loverin style grease grooves. I shot it in my .280, got it to shoot 1 inch @ 100 yds. Lyman 2 cav. Now if I could just find that mold-------------
15. .430-250-44 mag SWC. This lee mold is a 6 cav, that's apparently discontinued. It doesn't do well in my SBH, but I may not have found it's sweet spot! So many boolits, so little time!
16. .462-240 PB. It's actually supposed to cast at 405 grains. This is a special group buy from over on cast boolits forum. So far in my buffalo classic it's done okay. More load development needed. Lee 6 cav.
17. .458-405 RF. Lee's 405 plain base, discontinued. It's a lee single cav that I've had forever.
18. .458 HB, that's hollow base! This is lee's answer to the needs of the old 45-70 springfield trapdoor. Shoots okay at trapdoor velocity levels, but try to whomp it up results in the skirt acting like a balloon. Lee single cav.
19. .452 250 SWC. I've got that mold somewhere! Used it when I HAD a ruger blackhawk 45 colt. Lyman 2 cav.
20. Lee key slug, 7/8 ounce. Woks okay but wouldn't hunt with it.
21. okay it's not numbered! That's the lyman 12 guage sabot slug.

Now I have some other molds, most are lyman's.
245496, 243 80 grain 2 cav lyman
452490 45 colt 250 grainer that's a hollow pointed boolit, casts at 240 grains.
358429 357 SWC lyman 2 cav.
545616 TC maxi ball.
358477 357 SWC.
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