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Cool place, very informative. Figured since there was a place to introduce myself I would use it. Been shooting since I was about 7 with my Dad. Got my first rifle at that age (a single shot .22lr.) Fired my first handgun (with Dads help) at about the same age (.357, damned near bit my tongue off lol.)
I have been collecting and shooting ever since. Im a Beretta fan as far as handguns go, but the STI impressed me. Im also a big fan of Nighthawk customs. I am currently into buying property between Houston and Dallas to open up an Outdoor shooting range with a 800 yard setup for people that want to fine tune their long range shooting. Of course there will be pistol and shorter range rifle too, may throw in some trap area for good measure. Anyway, thats me, nice to be here. BTW if any of you haven't read the book "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross I highly suggest you pick it up and read it best book I have ever read.
whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these
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