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I just bought 1.

A few years ago I had a CETME and a Federal Arms aluminum recievered rifles. They both got sacrificed for kids needs, but that's another issue. I was able to get some of my retirement money out before it disappeared and I purchased a PTR-91.
I may be starting another debate here but on the issue of 'recoil' I seem to remember the Fed Arms slappin the ever-luvin dog poop outa my fillings! I discovered that it was my technique. I was an AR-carrying cop and an M16 carrying Marine. I always put my nose right up on the charging handle. That carried over to the CETME and Fed Arms, I put my nose/cheek area right on the recoil plate. Coupla pounds of steel at full speed on that plate will... well slap the ever-luvin dog poop outa my fillings. Go figure!
Fast forward to present day. I have my PTR-91 and put a surplus full stock on it (I purchased mine with the A3 collapsible) with a small limbsaver recoil pad. Brothers & sisters I can go through a coupla boxes of radway-green with no trouble!
I also seem to remember reading an Small Arms Review article that said PTR had their chambers fluted with ten instead of twelve flutes.
Beat up brass is still an issue, as the roller lock system launches them things but I plan on practicing with milsurp FMJs and using my Hornady TAPS for live ops.
I really love shooting my PTR-91. I believe I made a good investment and this shooter is stayin with me!
Anyways, there's my opinion based on my personal experience.
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