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Wrong Comparison

While I understand everyone's concerns, I think the constant arguments comparing the PTR and the AK is irrelevant. I own both guns and each has it's advantages and disadvantages. I like my PTR's because they are so versatile for combat. I can throw a claw-mounted scope on and be pretty accurate out to 800 yards. I can then pop it off and throw on a eotech or just go open sights for close quarters. The biggest attractive quality of the PTR for me is the ability to be an all around useful gun in many situations. The AK could never reach that far, but is more reliable in close combat.

Let's face it, if we ever have to actually take part in a SHTF situation, we will probably only be able to be afoot with one rifle. So, you better pick one that can be adequate in both long and short situations. Therefore, comparing the PTR to the AK just doesn't make sense to me. Spend time debating the PTR and FAL if you have to.

Oh and another thing, I personally shoot berdan military surplus .308 ammo because it is the cheapest to stock up on. Therefore I don't care about the brass issue. If you ever have to go into battle, you're not going to be doing much reloading. For those of you who are keeping up on what is going on in our country and the world, you should know that our country is headed for economic disaster. If we ever have to go rogue, there will be very little reloading, and you will need a rifle that can perform in long and short situations. This is why I like the H&K style rifles.

Now with that said, maybe we should be debating on the ultimate all-around battle rifle, instead of comparing two weapons that are as different as the PTR and the AK-47.
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