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An ACOG is completely the wrong optic choice for a .17 HMR coyote gun.

You're looking at a combat optic designed to handle the abuse inflicted in a war zone, intended to be mounted on a 5.56x45mm or 7.62x51mm (depending on model) AR-pattern rifle, for rapid target acquisition and hits on torso-sized targets out to that rifle's effective combat engagement range. The bullet drop compensator (which I'm guessing is the feature you think makes the ACOG a good coyote gun optic) will be completely wrong for .17HMR, because it's calibrated for one of the two aforementioned military rounds.

What you really want for a precision coyote gun is a traditional higher magnification variable power riflescope, like the Leupold VX-x series or similar. You want finger-adjustable target turrets, a rangefinder, and ballistic software to figure your adjustments for wind and range. This is a much more suitable setup for cleanly taking varmints at extended ranges.

What you're suggesting is a bit like putting an Aimpoint T1 on a sniper rifle.
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