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Desacration of the 2nd Amendment in Westchester County NY

Westchester DOES NOT recognize the 2nd Amendment.

If anyone plans on moving to Westchester County, NY and would like a "Fully Carry" I would recommend you go to Dutchess County or Connecticut. Licensing officers, whom are Judges, will only grant them if you are "connected." This I can tell you from personal experience. I had my permit for almost twenty years without one single incident. Back in Nov. of 2007 Judge Cacace revoked it permenantly becuase I sent nude pictures of my ex, who works for a Sheriff's dept in LA, to all her co workers. As a result, LA's Sheriff dept were able to obtain an arrest warrent and a search warrent of my home by Judge Nicolas Maselli. Everyone knows had she not worked for a law enforcement agency, none of this would have happened. Judge Cacace refuses to answer all three letters I sent her regarding this matter. After the third, she had a Pulic Safety officer call me on her behalf asking why I was writing her. He didn't say I couldn't right her, but wanted to know why. I kid you not!!!

Back in Sept. I reapplied from scratch and Judge Jeffrey A. Cohen denied me all three permits: Full Carry, Target shooting/Hunting, home premisis. He basically said what Judge Cacace said, which was I was unfit to posses a pistol permit. After my arrest, the "Honorable" Judge Ponzini dismissed the allegations of harassment by the alleged victim. Judge Cacace did not want to hear it. Judge Cohen refused to answer one single question of all the letters I wrote him. He will not tell me, nor will Judge Nicolai, what it will take for me to obtain a permit onceagain. Don't forget they are the "licensing officers." They decide who and who does not get a permit. They have this "arbitrary discretion" clause which basically allows them to revoke/issue permits for any reason at all without question. We all know I can become a law enforcement officer even with multiple misdemeanors, which I do not have!! Judge Cohen said if I chose, I could appeal his decision if I filed in a timely manner. There is virtually no chance you can win in the appelate division as judges stick with one another in this matter. In my opinion, and that of other people/politicians there was gross judicial misconducts on behalf of Judge Nicolas Maselli and Susan Cacace. I have notified the Commission on Judicial Conduct back in April and am awaiting a reply from them. The head judge of my district, ninth, is Francis Nicolai and he also refuses to answer any questions relating to pistol permits. He actually had his Chief Attorney answer the last couple of letters and in the last, he stated that he does not get involved in pistol permit matters, which is an outright lie. As I have proof that he does get directly involved which I brought to his attention. Needless to say I got no reply from Judge Nicolai or his Chief Attorney. Also, my background is impeccable. Perfict credit, home owner, perfict driving record, etc, etc....Licensing officers in Westchester County are no better then Dictators. They have no recognition of the 2nd Amendment, let alone the right to protect my families or my own life. I am the furthest human being from being a criminal. I have a Connecticut non resdient and Florida non resident permit, which basically allows me to carry concealed in 30+ states. I don't plan on living in this Dictatorial county/state much longer and would not recommend anyone who would like a "full carry" to move here.

Also, anyone who is thinking about joining Westchester County Firearms Association, to think twice. I joined them back in Sept. and found them to be virtually useless. Members made motions for excellent ideas and the Board refused to follow through. Are they sitting on a fence? Do they have "full carry" permits? My money says they do. I requested a refund a few months back and donated that money to the NRA and am involving myself in that organization as much as possible. I highly recommend each and everyone of you become members also. If anyone would like to contact me, please, feel free to do so.


EVERYONE needs to get involved for the 2nd Amendment to continue to exsist at all times.

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