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lyman molds

Ive only been casting about 2 years and I have molds from lyman, lee and rcbs. the lyman are the only ones to give me fits. bullets came out undersize and out of round, the alignment pins were adjusted correctly. the 44 cal swc were .428 with a alloy that measured 18 bhn using a lee hardness tester. I casted a few bullets and drilled and tapped a hole in the bases and coated the bullets with 800 grit lapping compound then cut the head off a screw and turned bullet with a drill inside the mold cavities. this pretty much fixed the out of round and the diameter is now .430. the other set is 45 cal for my trapdoor, also undersize and out of round I ended up chucking it in a lathe and recut all but the nose radius. is this normal for lyman? the molds from lee and rcbs gave me no such problems. im a little apprehensive about buying another lyman mold. the alloy in the 45 is 20/1. any thoughts on cast bullets in marlin 30/30 microgroove barrels? remember that these molds are 2 years old at most so any comparison to molds you may have had for years probably wont help much.
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