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It's so tight because in time it's going to get loose. That said you apparently have a really tight one. A very small amount of fitting on the locking lug may be in order but only a very small amount needs to be taken off with a fine cut file. Apply some black magic marker to the engagement surfaces and reassemble and the disassemble and look to see where it has rubbed off. Take just two or three strokes with a file and reassemble/disassemble again and see what you got. I hope you are using a plastic or rawhide mallet. Don't be afraid of smacking the barrel assembly when it won't move, you won't hurt it. If all of this is over your head send it back to Ruger after calling to tell them what your problem is. They're usually very good with customer service. In time you will become very proficient at tearing this thing down and putting it back together. It just takes time and repetition. Some people never figure it out.
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