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any way to loosen a Ruger Mark III?

[Didn't want to resurrect the existing thread about this, so I started a new one. Sorry if that's bad form.]

Anyway, I spent 2.5 hours taking apart and then reassembling my new 22/45 Mark III Hunter last night. I could not believe how incredibly difficult it was to get the barrel off. The gentleman who posted in that other thread, and said that it took 50 whacks with a mallet, wasn't kidding. I must have hit it at least that many times, with varying levels of force. When that didn't work, I gave it about a half dozen really serious whacks, before it finally came off.

Reassembly was just as much of a pain... The barrel wouldn't slide back far enough to let the mainspring housing bolt get through the holes. So, I had to whack it backward -- which was a bit scary, because my frame is plastic/polymer (not metal), and I was sure it was going to break. (It didn't, thankfully.)

Then, getting the mainspring housing pin back in was a chore (because it was so tight). And, unless you hold your mouth just right, the pieces don't fit back together.

Is there *anything* I can do to relieve this tightness, short of taking it apart 20-30 times? :-) Seems like the only thing that can possibly be making it that tight (the barrel, anyway), is the small, rectangular tab on the frame that slides into a corresponding slot on the barrel. I can't fathom how/why it's so tight, though.

(I was glad to find this forum and that thread, by the way. I thought it was just me.)
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