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I have the choice of a 30-30. win marlin 30 AS topped with a fixed 4 power shooting 160 grain hornady revolutions, a 30-06 remington model 742 woodsmaster shooting 180 grain silver tips topped with a fixed 4 power or finally a 7mm Rem Mag in a Remington model 700 BDL shooting 160 grain accubonds topped with a 3-9 powered scope. I dont know what to use. What do you suggest? What do you use? shots will be taken most likely between 75-150 yards. I know this because of a hunting partner hunting black bear for that past 15 years
I would use the 3006, with the 180's. That's mainly because I don't care for 700's or lever actions. What is important is to use what you are best with and it will be fine.

Bears, well they're kind of like people, in that they are all different. From my experience about 1 in 10 will make things interesting and the rest generally die rather uneventfully. It's that 1 out of the 10 I am careful about.

This years spring bear ran about 20 feet after getting drilled through the lungs. Last years spring bear ran away for about 50 yards and paused when I yelled at him. So I drilled him again and he reversed direction and charged me. He never made it all the way to me but it was pretty interesting for awhile. Both shots were right through the lungs.

These days I use a .338wm. For the first 30 years I used a 3006.
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