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Those bushings have their back side exposed in the mold handle channel. Push the bushing part way out and use a sharp punch to put dimples in the aluminum around the edge of the hole from the mold handle channel side, then press the bushing back in. That should grab it. Be careful pressing it in that it is square. An arbor press and correct size driving punch or dowel pin are recommended. Place the opposing block against it to check. You want it in just far enough that the pin kisses the edge of it and aligns the block on closing. Too far in and you won't have registration. Too far out and the pin may jam into it and stick. Hmm. Sound familiar? You want the block to close just as the wiggle room around the pin disappears.

After that, the lube suggestions may be followed. Simply burnishing in some molybdenum disulphide powder would help. Twirl Q-tip with a little of the stuff on it in the bushing and buff the pin with it.
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