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Did he help the 2nd Amendment cause? Nope.
Sure he did, he quite likely opened a lot of minds, and eyes, to the fact that the 2A is still alive and well. yours is the same argument that some expressed when people went to the tea party events armed, and it just does not hold water.

While none of his rhetoric may have been specifically aimed at the healthcare issue, he was still making a broad stand against the increasingly troubling (self imposed) power of government.

This is a brilliant statement:

But it is crucial that the right, and means to violent overthrow be retained overtly. Meanwhile, there it is, right there in the holster, the ultimate monument to self-governance, where it peaceably remains until needed to oppose a immediate violent threat. That, we should not have a problem with.
Bravo Sir !
WITHOUT Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech. Silence Dogood

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