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pnac said: So you saw the video of the bombing then?
If you are asking how I know what McVeigh's shirt says, feel free to read American Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing by Lou Michel, Dan Herbeck. He was still wearing it when arrested.

Back on topic......

This guy wore the gun and picked his t-shirt with the intention of getting just what has occured, media attention. He knew that wearing a visible sidearm to a Presidential town hall meeting was going to get him involved in a confrontration.

If he has a lick of common sense, he has to have known that he wouldn't get anywhere near Obama wearing a gun. As such, he had no intention of merely attending the town hall meeting and asking questions. He wanted his 15-minutes of fame.

Is it his right to wear the gun? Yup.

Did he help the 2nd Amendment cause? Nope.

To most people, his actions alone make him look like a nutcase.
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