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Protesting is one thing. Armed protesting raises the stakes to a new level. Given the stakes, it was downright stupid. Foolhardy is another term that comes to mind.

explain how him being armed at a function open to the public (add the fact hes on private property with permission) raise the stakes?what i see is an individual
exercising his rights as afforded him by the blood of out say it was down right stupid,an foolhardy.....seems to me you don't believe in his lawful right to bare arms.or maybe you do but you don't have the guts to exercise them your self so the next best thing to do is be a sideline QB and make assumptions of how it should be done or how you would have done things different.
some will say what if it had turned out different,what if he did try to discharge his weapon?well.....he didn't so why go cant condemn or try to add "what iff's.

the facts .
1.he had a lawful right to be there to demonstrate peacefully (which is what he did)
2.he was on private property with permission
3.he was following the law as it pertains to open carry(obviously from the fact that he wasn't detained or arrested or otherwise molested)except by the so called news guy.
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