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Now that everyone is in an uproar over my last post (and while I have your attention), let me flesh my thoughts out a bit.

What was this town hall meeting about? Did it have anything whatsoever to do with any specific right, we possess? Or was the event about another power-grab by the Feds? <-- That could be the basis for a display of guns. I just happen to think it isn't time... yet. All other options are yet to be exhausted (paraphrasing Judge Kozinski in his dissent in Silveira).

So, other than expressing an opinion over insurrection, what do guns have to do with this particular event? How do guns, combined with the displayed message, apply to that particular meeting event?

I fail to see how Kostric furthered an agenda of protest (or demonstration, if you prefer that word) over the Federal takeover of the U.S. medical system.

I will say that the argument maestro gave in his prior post has come the closest to changing my mind.
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